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President: Scott Moody
1st Vice President: Tom Romine
2nd Vice President: Carl J. Denbow
Treasurer: George Benz
Secretary: Jim Lochary
Registrar: Andrew Chiki
Genealogist: Andrew Chiki
Webmaster: Carl J. Denbow
Newsletter Editor: Scott Moody
Chaplain: Dale Colburn & Scott Moody
Historian: George Benz (interim)
Honor Guard: Tom Romine, Jim Smith, Andrew Chiki & Scott Moody

    4 thoughts on “Contact Info

    1. George Benz

      Dear Mr Romine,
      I have been working for some time on gathering proofs for my husband’s SAR membership. I do believe I have now obtained the necessary documentation. What I don’t know is how the application process works. I contacted the national orgainization and asked them if it was possible for my husband to join the Athens Chapter. We live in Texas but will be retiring and moving to Athens next year. They said it was perfectly okay to join the Ewing Chapter. Please get me started with the application process.
      My husband does not do genealogy research, however, he is very interested in your patriotic organization. I have been a long time member of DAR and he has been a steadfast supporter of our activities. I can not think of any greater way to honor our ancestors. Thanks for any assistance you can give me.
      Charlotte Benz (Mrs. George)
      713 952 3751

      1. Tom Romine

        Mrs. Benz, I apologize for the delay in answering you question about the Ewings Chapter, SAR. If you have the application for National, the geneology and documentation (copies) we can get them the right person. I will research who that may be at the state level since we don’t have anyone in the chapter who is up on the latest process.
        T. Romine

    2. Stewart Seely

      I am the State President of the Ohio Society Children of the Am Revolution and would like to share information about my project and state activities. Please contact me for more details. I have a message and order form I can send as an email if that is possible. SinCARly, Stewart

    3. admin Post author

      Stewart, please contact Bill Beegle at beegle -at- hughest -dot- net, or at the phone number above. Thank you.

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